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Welcome to the fantasy world where you can become a ruler and control your civilization. 😃 🏰 In the game you have to build cities, raise an army, explore new lands, conquer territories and manage resources to achieve the main goal - victory in the war against computer opponents. 🚀 💥 🎯

🌐 The game works in all countries!
⭐️ INSTANT (24/7) delivery of goods immediately after purchase.
⭐️ You buy a shared steam account with the game Age of Wonders 4: Premium Edition
⭐️ After the purchase, you will be given a login and password from the steam account in which the game has already been purchased, it is possible to play after installation only in offline mode.
⭐️ You can play as much as you want without any time limits.

Age of Wonders 4 players are waiting for a fantasy strategy with turn-based battles. We act as leaders of states in a world full of unusual creatures and, of course, magic. ✨ The developers have provided for the initial selection of nineteen races with their own characteristics. There are people, and dwarves, and orcs, and elves, and anthropomorphic animals, and halflings... 🧙 ♂ ️ 👹 🧝 ♀ ️ 🦁 🧚 ♂ ️ Someone is kind and prefers magic, someone is evil and ready to create hordes of all kinds of creatures, and there is someone neutral - with their own bonuses and disadvantages. 😃

In the Premium Edition you will find everything you may need to fully immerse yourself in the game world. This includes the basic Age of Wonders 4 game and all its additions that expand the gameplay and add new features. 😊 🎮 New races, classes and heroes, new maps and missions, improved graphics and interface, as well as many other improvements that will add even more variety and variability to the game. 🌟 🎯
✔️ Before purchasing the game, please make sure that the requirements of your computer meet the system requirements of the game.
✔️ This account is not for sale, and data modification is prohibited.
✔️ You cannot use this account to play through cloud services.
✔️ After successfully logging in to the account, the money cannot be refunded, since you have gained access to the game.
✔️ An additional level of Steam Guard security is used on the account.
✔️ This product is intended only for offline mode according to the instructions, and one activation can only be used on one computer.
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