Customer Service

Dear customers! Thank you for choosing the online store - a trading platform where you can buy digital goods, payment and top-up cards for all mobile operators, Skype vouchers. Every day we will try to improve our support service by adding new features for the convenience of our customers. The store does not bear any responsibility for the quality of goods offered for sale by independent sellers, but will help resolve any difficulties that arise. We are ready to provide free technical support to all users of this resource. As a third party, our consultants are under no obligation to act on either the seller's or the buyer's side.

What should I do if I was deceived?

If you believe that you have become a victim of deception, your actions:

To begin, please read the product description carefully. Does the item received match the description? If so, and you made a purchase in error, you should contact the seller and calmly explain the situation. A conscientious seller, as a rule, will provide full support and advice on all issues related to the goods he sells.

If the product partially does not correspond to the description or is of poor quality, you must, no later than 48 hours from the date of payment, go to the “My Purchases” section, select the product and leave negative feedback. An email will be sent to the seller's email address asking them to contact you to resolve the misunderstanding.

If the seller has not responded in any way within several days, feel free to contact the administrator of the trading platform. If the seller does not have a personal certificate or, after 30 calendar days, information on the assignment of a certificate has not been provided at the request of the trading platform, the administration returns the funds to the buyer, while retaining a commission of 0.5% of the purchase amount. Please note that we only work with the WebMoney payment system. If the payment was made by another method, then you will have to register in the WebMoney system. Using the contact information, contact the seller yourself and try to resolve the problem.

If any difficulties arise, please contact the administration of the trading platform by email:

Choosing the right digital product:

The main thing is to understand that the online store sells digital goods. This type of product usually does not have a physical representation, which allows you to receive it instantly immediately after payment. Any misunderstandings between the seller and the buyer arise due to carelessness, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations below.

Our recommendations:

Be sure to read the product description before purchasing. An incorrectly written description can mislead you, but conscientious and experienced sellers try to avoid this. Only after making sure that the product offer suits you and you have no questions left can you safely make a purchase.

If you still have questions, please contact the seller using the contact information to clarify the characteristics of the product. It is also important to note the promptness and completeness of the seller’s response, which will help you form your opinion about him.

When you see the “Certificate of Quality” sign on the page, you can be sure that you are buying a quality product. Each seller has a page with personal information. Before purchasing, you should definitely look there and pay special attention to the registration date and contact information.

Each seller creates a description of the product and provides contact information independently, and the administration of the online store does not check them. Conscientious sellers have a personal certificate, which confirms that their data has been verified, and copies of documents are stored in the WebMoney certification service. It would also be a good idea to check the number of sales. A high number of sales and, accordingly, a rating indicates that the seller is trusted by buyers.

Sellers of the trading platform are registered users of the WebMoney Transfer system and have certificates issued by this system. On the official WebMoney website you can read reviews and complaints for a specific seller left by other users.