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Contains 2 control work on the course "Marketing" in the RFEI

1 Examination - made crossword

2 control work - completely made this task:

You created a new venture for the production and sale of perfumes. This company has the manufacturing facilities for the production of any kind of perfumes (soaps, creams, perfumes, etc.). The main goal is to market the finished product and fastening it, that is the acquisition of regular customers.

1. Conduct market research to determine the type of product that you produce.

2. The collected data is placed in the Table.

3. Come up with the name of the company

4. Draw a trademark.

5. Come up with slogans.

6. Determine the category of buyers.

7. List the competition among well-known companies.

8. Determine the direction of sales and justify their choice:

a) its own sales network;

b) through an intermediary;

c) two proposed routes.

9. On the basis of the study, to determine the price of the chosen product range.

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