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"The charm of femininity"

The book is inspiring female secrets that can save your marriage and enrich your life ...

The phenomenal success of "Charm of femininity"

Since the first edition of "Glamour femininity" in 1965, it has sold over two million copies of this book. Its success, however, is measured not so much by the number of copies sold, as the number of lives that it has changed. The impact that it had on the set of unions, was phenomenal !!! Those who have been happy to have found a new level of happiness, and those who fought with serious problems, were released, restored and blessed I wish you happiness. This was confirmed by thousands of testimonies, many of which are included in the book.
What does it mean for a woman to a happy marriage?

Does it have a comfortable house? Happy and healthy children? A successful man? The time for their hobbies? No problems with the money? Joint and Recreation? Does it feel good housekeeper? Does it have respected their environment?

All these things are very important, and some of them are mandatory, but the main one is the need. A woman should feel that she is loved by her husband. Without his love of her life - an empty shell.

Why does one woman happy, respected and loved, and the other - no less attractive and no less talented - deprived of , unhappy and disappointed? The book explains why this happens, and offers every woman the opportunity to master the art of conquest of absolute love and admiration of his men.

Thanks to the "Fascinating Womanhood" there is hope for a new generation of women - happy, feminine, adorable and admirable. And it calls for a new generation of men - brave and noble.

How this book can help you?

It opens up a lot of secrets, and here are some of them:

1. What is the ideal woman from the point of view of men.

2. What do men find alluring women.

3. How to awaken in man a deep sense of love and tenderness.

4. How to understand men, their needs, temperament and characteristics.

5. How to deal with a man when he is in a depressed state, to strengthen his confidence and self-respect.

6. How to call a man a desire to protect you, care for you and devote your whole self.

7. How do I get those things in life that are important to you and that you have every right.

8. How to bring out the best qualities of her husband without pressure and persuasion.

9. Women's role and the happiness that comes as a result of its implementation.

10. Actor and respect it deserves a divine calling.

11. How to respond when a man is careless, reckless or unfair.

12. How to be attractive and even delightful when you are angry.

13. How to keep the line of communication in marriage, which is always accompanied by a pleasant feeling.

14. How to find true happiness in marriage?

The pages of this book contains a lot of happy stories. All of them were true and to the author by e-mail or directly from the mouths of the characters themselves. All illustrations and examples are taken from the same life experiences, with the exception of examples from classical literature.

To be wanted and loved - the innermost desire of women in marriage. This book is written to revive your hope in the fulfillment of this desire and offer guidelines that will help you win the sincere love of a man.

Although the lessons of this book focuses on building relationships with her husband and their principles apply to building a relationship with any man - father, brother, son, teacher, student, boss.

On these pages you will find principles that will need to follow if you want to be happy, loved and cherished. The focus of our study - the ideal woman in terms of men, the type of woman that a man awakens the deepest feelings of love. In your hands - an opportunity to make your marriage happy. You can do that regardless of any effort on the part of your husband. So the keys to happiness is in your hands.

At the same time you do not lose any of his dignity, nor influence, nor liberty, nor honor!

The opinion of all men of this book is always clear: you need to put a monument to the author! And the women who will use the knowledge from this book - it would be impossible to refuse anything! And this man will be very happy to fulfill the request of his beloved, and never in his life he did not want to look in the direction of another woman! And it is the truth - read this book and you will see for yourself in this!
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