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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 10%
$20 the discount is 15%
$30 the discount is 20%
🔥 Ready-made Yandex Direct accounts with completed moderation are for sale. The moderator approved the advertising campaign.
Accounts are 3+ months old. Accounts are GUARANTEED to work for contextual advertising. Mail is also working.
The phone number in your account is from the SMS service, you can change the number to your own.

💥 Accounts are issued in the format login:password:answer to security question:cookies

💲 Accounts are prepared for work in the Yandex advertising network. Yandex.Direct profile is completely filled out (Including full name, avatar, phone number). All payer information is filled in the account.

If you purchased an account, there is no active campaign, look in the archived ones, because if there is inactivity for more than 2 months, the campaign automatically goes into the archived ones. Unzip the campaign and get to work.

🔥Can be used for:

- activation of promotional codes;
- advertising promotions;
- other needs.

🔥 When registering used:

- clean phone number (SMS service);
- clean and unique IP;
- clean and unique browser;
- clean and unique PC;
- completed moderation;
- no blocking;


🧭 Instant of goods (24/7/365)
🌊 Fast technical support (frequent online)
🌞 Positive feedback from satisfied customers
💲 Affordable prices and discounts for regular customers
💥 Big cashback on any purchases for positive feedback

!!! I do not provide advice on how to advertise, why there might be a block, how to withdraw funds from your account, etc.
I just sell accounts. I hope for your understanding!
👉 It is RECOMMENDED to enter your Yandex Direct account from a Russian proxy, you can choose any private (mobile or static) proxy

👉 It is DESIRABLE to use an antidetect, you can use any. I can recommend Dolphin Antidetect Browser
11.06.2024 15:37:04
Все топчик.продавец хорош
23.05.2024 19:45:06
Все отлично!
26.03.2024 9:43:51
Большое спасибо, продавцу! Все работает.
20.03.2024 14:22:04
все прислали сразу, аккаунт рабочий, всем советую
11.03.2024 17:19:13
всё окей, продавец адекватный
10.03.2024 22:48:16
21.02.2024 16:25:43
всё ок
10.01.2024 16:37:11
Купил, проверил, все работает, товар согласно описанию
30.10.2023 13:23:48
06.07.2023 2:10:23
все ок