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Uploaded: 12.02.2023

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🔥After purchasing and installing the game, you will be able to play immediately. NO QUEUES, as others may have 🔥
🔥I´ve been in touch for almost 24 hours.Write to the chat, if you have any questions, I will answer as quickly as possible🔥
🔥Buying from us, you are guaranteed to be able to immediately start the game after downloading it. I repeat that we have NO QUEUES🔥
-You buy a Shared STEAM account with the game 🔥 HOGWARTS LEGACY DELUXE 🔥 ofline
✅After the purchase, you will be given a login and password from the steam account in which the game has already been purchased, it is possible to play after installation only in offline mode
✅The account is perpetual, protected, mail and password cannot be changed. (the account remains yours forever)
✅One activation for one device
✅The product is non-refundable as after payment you will immediately receive the account data with the game

🎮 You pay for the full version with the possibility of FREE installation of all patches and add-ons that will be released in the future, you can go online at any time and install the update \ patch \ DLC
🔥👉All future additional content will also be added to the account!👈🔥

🎁 There may be other games on the account, they come as a gift!
- Please leave positive feedback after successful account purchase!

⚠️ Important Information:
• Familiarize yourself with the system requirements of the game.
• The account is not for sale, it is forbidden to try to change the data.
• Reactivations are paid separately.
• This product is intended only for playing offline according to the instructions. 1 activation - 1 pc.
• Not suitable for playing via cloud services.
• Do not change your ip address, as I will consider it an attempt to log in from another PC
• Due to DENUVO protection, there may be delays/jambs when entering the game. We promptly solve this and provide a replacement in this case.
• Also, due to the large influx of 1 account, there may be problems with authorization, also be patient, this is temporary.
• When using VPN warn me!
• After successfully logging in to your account, the money is non-refundable, since you have gained access to the game.
28.05.2023 20:16:25
18.05.2023 15:43:03
все ок. быстро и без проблем.
13.05.2023 4:41:25
Быстро и оперативно, спасибо!
18.04.2023 18:49:08
Отличный продавец , быстро всё получил , игра работает !
16.04.2023 9:35:01
быстро пришли данные, все подошло
08.04.2023 21:34:34
Все быстро и работает
30.03.2023 14:06:27
Всё супер
27.03.2023 12:43:23
хорошей продавец
23.03.2023 22:56:41
всё очень здорово + дали инструкцию как и что нужно делать 5 из 5 звёздочек)
11.03.2023 19:32:42
Спасибо .

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