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⭐️⭐️⭐️▶ Name: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition
⌚ Release date: 28 Oct, 2016
🔰 Activation: Steam (Download link -
🔑 Product type: Key activation
🌎 Region: Russia and CIS
✅ Languages: Russian, English and etc.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition contains:
🔹The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Upgrade
🔹The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition The key to the success of the best game of 2011 lies in the perfect compilation of all the components. Already at the initial stage, the powerful atmosphere of the original world is felt. The province of Skyrim is torn apart by a civil war, Ulfric Stormcloak wants to secede with the people of the Nords. Ancient dragons wake up, and with them the most formidable representative of the Alduin race. The main character is a dragonborn, or as he is also called Dovakin. Only he is able to defeat the creature that brings death to mankind. Buy The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim for PC and fulfill your mission proudly.

One of the main advantages of the game is a completely open world. Huge cities, small settlements, ancient ruins, monuments of past eras - any point on the map is available for visiting. This world hides thousands of secrets, sometimes an ordinary hunting hut can turn out to be a lair of bandits or vampires. So some interesting quest will begin, giving you the opportunity to learn another story of the Elder Scrolls world. Buy The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim PC key and start your own adventure. It can easily take hundreds of hours of gameplay to fully explore the map. of paid goods is carried out automatically after payment, by sending a letter to the e-mail filled in form when placing the order and to the buyer´s personal account on the website

! To redeem the cd-key, you may need to register on the website of copyright holder and accept the terms of the agreement between the copyright holder and the end user.

The buyer is obliged to familiarize with the terms of conditions for activating the cd-key specified on the product page before making payment for the digital service.

The buyer can´t refuse for a proper quality cd-key after it has been transferred to the user, since, in accordance with the law, the consumer can´t refuse the goods with proper quality, while having individually defined properties, if the specified product can be used exclusively by the customer who is acquiring it.
23.02.2024 14:23:07
Все отлично, игра на аккаунте)
22.02.2024 22:16:51
всё круто, спасибо
04.02.2024 18:35:19
Код рабочий.
25.01.2024 0:43:27
Все отлично!
22.01.2024 7:09:17
Все хорошо, активировал ключ
20.01.2024 13:57:04
ключ рабочий всё топ
09.01.2024 9:03:01
Все просто божетсвенно
06.01.2024 22:47:27
Ключ пришёл сразу. Ключ работающий.+rep
22.12.2023 12:57:19
Все быстро удобно качественно, покупал 1 раз и все отлично, спасибо
18.12.2023 10:55:25
Спасибо всё пришло я доволен уже качаю со стима.

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