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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$2 the discount is 2%
$5 the discount is 3%
$10 the discount is 4%
$20 the discount is 5%
$40 the discount is 6%
$80 the discount is 7%
$160 the discount is 8%
$320 the discount is 9%
$640 the discount is 10%
$1000 the discount is 15%
$2000 the discount is 20%
Promocode Yandex Direct nominal 5000 rubles when replenishing 10000 ₽, excluding VAT.

1. The promo code is bound and can be applied only to the specified Yandex login;
2. The promo code is linked and can be applied only to the specified domain;
3. Promo code only for domains that have NOT been previously advertised;
4. The domain must have a working website;
5. You accept the terms and conditions of Yandex:

1. Upload your campaign to your Yandex Direct account with the specified domain;
2. After moderation, submit an invoice for 10000 ₽ + VAT with the indication of the promo code. You can specify any data of the payer;
3. pay the invoice, the balance will be 15000 ₽.

1. In the purchase form, specify the domain to which the promo code will be linked;
2. In the form of purchase specify Yandex Mail (login), where the promo code will be sent;
3. Pay for the order. After payment you will receive a verification code;
4. Tell us this code in any convenient way;
5. After redeeming the code, the promo code will come to the specified Yandex login within 24 hours.

1- The activated promo code will be canceled if you change your domain or add other domain;
2. The promo code cannot be used to promote a third-level domain ( or a social media page;
3. The promo code cannot be used for advertising without specifying the domain (virtual business cards) and for advertising mobile applications;
4. Promo code can not be used on the domain in which redirect is used in any form.

Each promo code has its own activation period it is indicated at the time of purchase, the activation guarantee is 24 hours.

We do not provide the service of registering a Yandex account to get a promo code, so you do not pay for it.
01.05.2024 21:18:36
Моментальная служба поддержки, переобуваюсь ещё до окончания помощи. Не ругайтесь, добра!

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