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The purpose of this book - in an accessible way to introduce the designer with the basic principles of creating composite structures, it is applied to the amateur aircraft construction. Therefore, the book does not deal with expensive materials or complex technology.

The book contains:

basic information on composite materials

Components used to manufacture fiberglass

It makes recommendations on the organization of the workplace and the use of tools and accessories

The book contains descriptions of

technology production of flat plastic panels

manufacturing techniques sandwich - panels by hand as well as vacuum forming

an example of manufacturing the aircraft structure of the sandwich panels.

In addition to the diagrams and descriptions of manufacturing technology of composites, the book also contains illustrated examples of structure 5 aircraft of various types. 290 photos of the wing structure, the fuselage and tail during manufacture and assembly.

Format - eBook (.exe) in the .rar-archive. Volume 13,9 Mb

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